Charles Elementary School

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Mission Statement

The faculty and staff of B. C. Charles are committed to all students achieving academic success and developing effective social skills in a nurturing environment. Our mission is to design and provide students with opportunities that develop each child's potential to think independently, reason logically, and participate productively in an information-based society.

About our school

B. C. Charles is a friendly, inviting and respectful haven for our students. Harmony and high standards greet students in grades K-5 each and every day. The school is committed to a teamwork approach that promotes high academic standards, student citizenship and safety, diversity awareness, knowledge work, literacy development, and technology.

Programs that support instruction

B. C. Charles Elementary School is a professional learning community that promotes high academic standards, student citizenship and safety, and diversity through brain based research and practices. Our brain compatible approach to learning embraces multiple intelligences, various learning styles, and the current empirical evidence that modern technology supports about the brain and learning. The students at Charles are immersed in a culture that supports individual differences and that addresses varying needs through initiatives such as : Brain Gym, Accelerated Reading, Memory Cognition, Math Renaissance, Remediation and Enrichment, and Interactive Notebooks. We are a fully accredited school that consciously constructs an atmosphere of excellence.

Extracurricular activities

B. C. Charles has an active SCA that assists with community service projects and awards assemblies. A Garden Patrol oversees the butterfly garden and the surrounding grounds. There are also art and music enrichment classes, PE clubs, chorus and peer tutoring for students interested in these specialized areas.

Parent & community involvement

B. C. Charles has a very active, dedicated, and supportive PTA that is quite instrumental in providing a wide range of opportunities for all of our children. There are 551 members that partner all facets of the school program from tutoring students, to assisting in the classroom, to providing funds for additional school needs, such as enriching theater productions, physical fitness shirts, and home reading incentives. The PTA at BC Charles is a beacon and advocate for all children. Some of their recognitions have included the Superior Membership Award in 1995-1996, 1996-1997, 1997-1998, and 1999-2000 and the President’s Award in 1996-1997.

BC Charles Beacons for Success

The school has a comprehensive citizenship program that encourages all students to exemplify the traits of compassion, cooperation, honesty, perseverance, respect, responsibility, self-discipline and tolerance each and every day. Morning meetings, activities, student recognitions, and literature support the program that highlights one citizenship trait each month.


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